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The 'Unbeatable' Blueprint to
Learning Proper Exercise Form

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What is Form Foundations?

For 3 years, I've helped people start their fitness journeys.

"Form Foundations" is a comprehensive blend of all the fundamental knowledge and skills that anyone venturing into fitness needs. Developed over many months with the utmost attention to detail, this course covers everything you need to understand and master the essential 7 movement patterns in exercise. Drawing from the collective experience of being a certified personal trainer and earning a bachelor's degree in kinesiology & clinical exercise physiology, I've designed this program to be incredibly user-friendly and effective.

"Form Foundations" was conceived with one aim: to make it straightforward and accessible for anyone, especially beginners, to learn, improve, and perfect their form in fitness exercises. I'm excited to be a part of your fitness journey. Let's get started!

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Form Foundations Curriculum


Module 1

The Basics

Let's start with the basics. In this module, you will learn all about proper setup & positioning for exercise.





Module 2

Horizontal Push

Our first of seven foundational movement patterns: horizontal push. Complete with form demonstration, common errors, and more.

Bench Press


Chest Press


Module 3

Horizontal Pull

Our next movement pattern is the horizontal pull. You will learn about proper row form, hand positioning, and more.





Module 4

Vertical Pull

One of the most common movements that people don't do properly: the vertical pull. Learn the kinetic chain & master the pulldown.

Pull Down


Kinetic Chain


Module 5

Vertical Push

Avoid shoulder weakness and pain & learn how to protect your low back while performing this overhead movement.

Shoulder Press




Module 6


Lift more weight safely with this learning module covering the squat movement. One of the most important patterns to master.



Kinetic Chain


Module 7


The most common movement pattern people develop injuries from. We hope to avoid that through proper technique & cues.

Hip Hinge




Module 8


Humans don't move in 2 dimensions. Learn how to effectively exercise in the transverse plane of movement.





Module 9

Putting It All Together

Now that you know how to move optimally and safely, it's time to take your newfound knowledge out to the real world.



Next Steps

The Numbers Don't Lie
Here's What People Say After Completing Form Foundations


Kyle O.

"The forms foundations course by Jackson is a great way to either get more of an insight into proper exercise forms if you’re a beginner or as a reminder to proper form if you’re an experienced weight lifter. The various visuals offered in the class are very helpful. It will be good to see what additional content Jackson releases in the future."

Luke W.

"I loved the Form Foundations course. It was easy to follow along with and I will be using this more as I get started with my fitness journey. I thought I knew a lot about working out, but I learned a lot more."

Emma L.

“Form Foundations was exactly what I needed. I was always intimidated by the gym, but this course made everything so much simpler. The instructions are detailed yet easy to understand, and the video demonstrations are a great resource. I feel way more confident and secure in my workouts now.”

Exercise Safely and Effectively

Enroll in Form Foundations and develop the foundational knowledge necessary for beginning your fitness journey.

Get lifetime access to Form Foundations.

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Or your money back. No questions asked.

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Get Your Questions Answered!

Here are some of the most common questions about Form Foundations.

What is the Form Foundations course about?

The Form Foundations course is designed to teach you the basic movement patterns of the most common exercises. It covers horizontal push, vertical push, horizontal pull, vertical pull, squat, hinge, and rotation movements, along with some other foundational information, ensuring you can perform them safely and effectively.

Who is the Form Foundations course designed for?


This course is perfect for beginners who are new to fitness and those who want to strengthen their foundational knowledge of exercise movements. It's also useful for more experienced individuals who want to ensure they're using correct form during their workouts.

How long does the course take?


The duration of the course depends on your pace of learning. You can go through the course at your own pace and revisit the lessons as many times as you need.

Do I need any special equipment for the course?


No, the Form Foundations course is designed with exercises that can be performed with minimal equipment. It focuses on teaching the foundational movements that can be applied to a variety of exercises.

Can I still take the course if I have physical limitations?


Before starting any fitness program, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions or physical limitations. The Form Foundations course provides fundamental knowledge about movement patterns, but you should always modify exercises to fit your personal circumstances and capabilities.

Once I purchase the course, how do I access it?

In the top right corner of the website you will see an icon (under the three line menu button for mobile users), log in using the same credentials you ordered the program under, this will bring you to the login page, then you will find the course under  'My Programs'.

What support is available during the course?


If you have questions or need further clarification during the course, you can reach out to our support team. Email We're here to assist you and ensure you get the most out of Form Foundations.

What happens after I finish the course?


Upon completion of the course, you should have a solid understanding of the basic movement patterns in fitness. This will provide you with a foundation to perform a variety of exercises with correct form, helping to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts and minimize the risk of injury.

How can I track my progress throughout the course?


The course is designed with modules to help you track your progress. These milestones will allow you to see your improvement and understand where you need to focus your attention for further progress.

Do I get a certification upon completion?


While Form Foundations is not a certification program, you'll gain valuable knowledge and skills that can enhance your own workouts and your understanding of fitness.

Can I share the course with others?


While we encourage social learning and sharing of insights, each purchase of Form Foundations is for individual use. Once you complete the course, you can join the Form Foundations affiliate program where you can share discounts with friends and family while also making a commission! If you know someone who may benefit from the course, we'd love for you to recommend it to them!

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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The Form Foundations course is designed to provide you with foundational knowledge of the basic movement patterns used in fitness. While we strive to ensure that the information provided in this course is accurate and helpful, it should not replace advice from a healthcare professional.

Before starting any new fitness program, please consult with a healthcare professional. This is particularly important if you have any pre-existing conditions or physical limitations.

The Form Foundations course is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. The use of information from this course is strictly at your own risk. We will not be liable for any injuries or health problems you may experience or any decisions you make based on the content of this course.

Please exercise responsibly and listen to your body. If you feel any discomfort, pain, dizziness, or you become short of breath, stop exercising immediately and seek medical advice.

©2023 Jackson Ryan Fitness LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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