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Jackson Adamowicz, Founder & Trainer

My name is Jackson Adamowicz and I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I am currently studying kinesiology with a concentration in clinical exercise physiology while also minoring in psychology and pursuing a certificate in entrepreneurship. I plan on attending physical therapy school upon finishing my undergraduate studies.

I started this brand to promote healthy living through healthy habits. As a certified personal trainer my aim is to provide effective, evidence-based methods to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. I firmly believe that exercise is medicine, and that everyone should learn about health and wellness so that they may live a happier, and healthier lifestyle. No matter what your fitness or health goals may be, I am here to provide you with all of the tools you need to accomplish them!


I have always been passionate about health and fitness, and I would love to share that passion with others. I attained my personal training certification right when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Instead of waiting around for in-person training to be practical again, I decided to offer my personal training services virtually. I began my fitness Instagram page (@jacksonryanfitness) where I started posting workouts, health tips, and advertised my training services. Since then I have been designing programs, motivating, and virtually coaching for anyone interested in my fitness expertise. 


Colby Morrison, Trainer

My name is Colby Morrison. I am a 20 year old bodybuilder, powerlifter, and fitness enthusiast. I am currently a Junior at Purdue majoring in Kinesiology and I obtained my personal training certification through NASM as of this year. I am one of the most detail-oriented trainers you will ever meet and I make sure to keep my clients accountable to their goals just as I keep myself accountable to mine. Fitness and overall health and well-being are things that take the highest priority in my life just behind God and my family. Outside of fitness, I love to spend time with my girlfriend, play basketball with my friends, and hang out with my dog.

My fitness journey started at the end of high school in 2020. I began my fitness jouney overweight and unhappy with my body composition and since then have managed to put in the consistent work day in and day out to create the best and happiest version of myself possible. Throughout my fitness journey, I have competed in two powerlifting meets and placed top 10 in both and have also recently competed in an all natural bodybuilding competition in which I prepped/coached myself the entire way through to then place 4th. Regardless of your fitness goals whether that be weight loss, muscle gain, strength gain, or overall health, I will give 100% of my time and effort into helping you reach those goals. I make sure to hold myself to the highest of standards in my own training and will do the same for my clients to help them reach their goals in the most efficient and effective way possible. I am looking to help my clients reach new heights and goals they never thought possible as that is exactly what I have done for myself!

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Have a passion for helping others achieve their fitness and health goals?  Join our team!

We are currently looking for certified personal trainers, nutritionists, dieticians, and more to join our mission. If you are interested, please email Jackson at

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