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My name is Jackson, and I am a certified personal trainer with an immense passion for health and fitness. My journey to becoming a personal trainer and pursuing a career in physical therapy began with a life-changing injury.

During a high school basketball game, I dislocated my patella, which forced me to wear an immobilizing brace for eight weeks. During this experience I fell into a state of depression. I was unmotivated to do anything after being immobile for so long. I was sad knowing it would take a long time to recover from the injury, and that my dream of playing college basketball might be ruined. My epiphany came when I found my niche in physical therapy, where I could immerse myself in sports while helping people rehabilitate their injuries.  This experience led me to explore physical therapy as a prospective career. 

During the COVID-19 lockdown, I began pursuing my interests in fitness and health by training for a half-marathon, a full marathon, and an Ironman 70.3-mile triathlon. These experiences taught me resilience, discipline, and grit, which have molded me into the man I am today.

I also earned my certification as a personal trainer and started my own virtual personal training business. I recognized that a lot of people lacked physical activity during the pandemic, and I recognized how dire it was to get people moving in any way possible. I knew the dangers of being inactive, and losing motivation from my own personal experience. I wanted to help people take care of their bodies and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. I started writing workout programs for my friends and family, and they loved it so much they told their friends, and my business began to bloom. I found myself bonding with my clients and helping them fall in love with their fitness journeys.

After gaining a solid understanding of fitness, personal training, and motivation, I began posting content on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. I shared my own fitness journey, helpful fitness tips, and some of my expertise on motivation as it pertains to starting a fitness journey. Since then, I have met people all over the world through social media, partnered up with reputable fitness and wellness brands, and have helped thousands of people with their fitness goals.

I am excited to use my passion and knowledge to help my personal training clients achieve their health and fitness goals. I believe that taking care of your body is essential for physical and mental wellbeing, and I am committed to helping you become the best version of yourself.


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Purdue University

    • Concentration in Clinical Exercise Physiology​

    • Minor in Psychology

    • Certificate in Entrepreneurship

    • Graduated Summa Cum Laude in May 2023

  • Future Doctor of Physical Therapy from Mayo Clinic (2026)

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Purdue University Physical Activity & NeuroCognitive Health Lab



For business inquiries please email​

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